Two very musically inclined friends, one being a professional entertainer and the other a lover of what they both called good music.  B
oth lovers of jazz and the big band sounds and both coming from very musically filled backgrounds.    

    They sat together on the beach one day knowing they had to go to birthday party when one of them frowned upon the old birthday song.

Haaaapy Birthhhhhhh day too youuuuuuu!  A total bore to say the least!

That was the day when they both wrote and sang The New Birthday Song!

    They took their song on the road and just began to sing it everywhere. Nothing shy about them and most often in any restaurant upon learning it was someone's birthday just got up and belted out the song. The results were phenomenal and so well received.

    Today our song is heard in thousands of homes and many many restaurants. A great gift to say the least! Our song should enhance every gift of flowers, balloons and more.  We know you will love it, it will make  you smile and dance to the beat and play it over and over again.